Our Upcoming New Address

After 10 very successful years in the predictive maintenance market, VibraSens has decided to build its own production facility with 710 square meters dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of industrial piezoelectric vibration sensors.

The facility will be located in the Temis Science Park in Besancon ( VibraSens is looking forward to profiting greatly from being a part of this high technology environment dedicated to micro technology. Clean room facilities, piezoelectric characterization, the latest simulation software from engineering schools and universities are just a few of the new capabilities that will enable us to keep our products at the cutting edge of technology.
The new facility will provide everything our piezoelectric vibration sensors deserve. It will have German Passivhaus certification ( A Passive House consumes as little as 10% of the energy consumed by a normal building – a potential energy saving of up to 90%. This is achieved by highly efficient building methods, airtightness, efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and a heat recovery regime that renders conventional heating systems unnecessary, even in the coldest of winters.
Last year, in order to comply with WEEE, RoHS, and REACH regulations, we eliminated hazardous substances from all of our manufacturing processes. We introduced a green cleaning policy, used computer assembly instructions to reduce the amount of paper on the production floor, replaced our energy-hungry welding and marking equipment with the latest low consumption technology, facilitated recycling, and designed the world’s smallest industrial vibration sensor. Our energy efficient building is in fact a natural extension of our work.  In the coming years, we hope to receive our ISO 14001 environmental certification.
As a global leader in the manufacture of vibration sensors, we recognize that being an environmentally conscious, energy efficient company contributes to our success in bringing our customers the best buy vibration sensors.

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